IronCupcake Pro & Christmas Cookies

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On December 18th, Chhally and I [along with my aunt and her daughter, Saria] attended the IronCupcake Pro Event at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was my first IronCupcake event but I've been wanting to go to one all year! Hosted by Milwaukee's Cupcake Queen, the event featured numerous Milwaukee bakeries competing for the #1 title. We sampled every cupcake they had to offer and even some of the Cafe Calatrava's Mac N' Cheese!

Peppermint & Chocolate cupcakes - sooo GOOD!

these were my second favorite!

these were the chocolate peanut butter cup ones, i think..

flourless chocolate cupcakes.

i voted for these! Champagne & Pear cupcakes!

There were arts & crafts; Chhally and I got to make our own snow globes!

& I hit 3 birds with one stone when we were able to view the Andy Warhol Exhibit AND the art galleries! Which I've SO been wanting to see but haven't had time for! It was saweeeet!

For Christmas, we baked Chhally's family and my closest friends holiday cookies. I found some of these cute cookie tins at Walgreen's and Michael's Arts & Crafts for really cheap.

We made peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cookies shaped like gingerbread people.

The kids ate them all the same day they got them!

I also sent a special box of homemade cookies to my best friend, CHRIS, in Iraq! He's been stationed there for a while and comes back to visit in February. =]

Happy New Year!

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