An Interview with Shoney Photography

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"I started because my husband bought me a Nikon d90 while I was pregnant because I didn't want to keep going to someone to get nice quality pictures of my daughter taken. I thought, 'Well, I'm a pretty creative person. I can learn how to use a SLR and I knew some basics of photoshop,'" says Shoney.

"When my daughter was born, I could not stop taking pictures of her! I probably took 100 a day, at least. It was when we moved to California when I really wanted to stop shooting in auto, it was like What's the point of having this camera if I don't know how to shoot in manual?! So I found a Living Social coupon for a workshop at Local Focus Photography taught by awesome professionals and I think they had just started doing workshops at that time but they started Photo Creatures, it's like a photography community for the people who attended their workshops, you should check it out at They also have a Facebook."

Shoney's Daughter, Esley

"Anyway, they were SO helpful! I learned a lot about photography and about my camera, I wasn't overwhelmed anymore. Besides, it's easier learning everything in person instead of reading the manual. So yeah, that's pretty much how I started. I wanted to be able to capture my daughter's personality in my photos because she has such a big personality and that's what I wanted people to see! I don't suggest people to go out and purchase a DSLR if you don't plan on taking a workshop or some kind of class because you can do a lot with a point and shoot now as well. I think every photographer has their own style and something that separates them from other photographers and if you are looking for a photographer, you should really look for someone with the style that fits you." :)

TSJ: Awwwww! That's amazing! What kind of advice would you give to other beginner/amateur photographers? And what do you think is the most valuable thing you learned in that workshop?

Shoney: "I would say to go out find your own style and think out of the box. Don't always look to get a perfect picture because natural moments speak the loudest in pictures! The most valuable thing I learned in the workshop was how to use backlighting, it really makes photos pop and you don't have to have your subjects facing the light like most people do."

Shoney Photography
Holland, MI

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