First Taste of Vegas

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I'm excited to be blogging all about Vegas this week for our annual family vacation. Funny how it's in Vegas this year, right? This was my first trip ever to Vegas and I had high expectations. I wanted to cross off #55 on my Bucket List, eat awesome food, and sight-see on the Strip.

As we landed in Vegas, we were immediately struck with hot, dry air. Turns out we visited during record-breaking temperatures of 116-120 degrees Fahrenheit. From the inside of the air-conditioned airport, we saw a breeze swaying the palm trees. "Hey, at least there's a breeze," we thought. Stepped outside only to realize that same breeze was equivalent to opening a hot oven or blow drying your hair.

After check-in, we enjoyed some drinks at the bar. Chhally played a slot machine in the bar and won $32!

Our first day was spent settling in, drinking, and then we dressed up and headed out for Fremont Street!

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Where our minds were blown over the roof structure that covered the whole street!
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Where we met a lot of characters.
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And my mom ordered 3 "Baby Makers," an infamous drink over at Binion's Casino Bar.
She really wants grandbabies.

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Fremont Street was amazing! To be honest, I thought it was going to be boring. We shopped for souvenirs, enjoyed lots of drinks, and there were even places to eat. My mom and step-dad did some gambling here and it was a good time for all ages. I'll be posting more about the next couple of days, our itinerary, and the epic meal plan mission!

- Happy Travels!

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