Rooftop Birthday Dinner

by - 6:48 AM

Yesterday, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. 23 isn't a major deal in my opinion but I suppose it's one year closer to 25, and that means cheaper insurance and regular car rental rates! ;) I decided I wanted an intimate dinner with close friends. Here are some photos of yesterday's festivities. :D

We took lots of photos on the rooftop garden; right outside the french doors to the greenhouse, where our table was set up.

Everyone was able to take their own set of photos in the garden. We all joked that it was like we were a large prom group! Or that we were all taking our senior photos.
I then got to open up my gifts! Not all of the gifts are pictured, unfortunately.

I can always count on finding some totally perverted things in my gift stash! lol!

Afterwards, we all headed to my favorite frozen custard spot for dessert, Leon's! And some awesome group photos. Had a blast and the day turned out better then I expected. :)

- Happy Friday!

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