Wisconsin State Fair Crazy Grazin' Day (with Photos)

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The Wisconsin State Fair is underway, running until the 11th. We scored a free ticket and a discount ticket using a coupon through the fair's website so we went with our friends Lisa and Josh this past Tuesday. The theme of the day was Crazy Grazin' Day where most food vendors offered up their food for discounted prices. So whereas some items usually go for $8, they were $2-$5 today! We literally spent less than $20 on admission and food for two people the whole day. Aww yiss!

Lisa and I went in with a list of food we wanted to try and a food vendor map. We mapped everything out in highlighters and colored pens. We are that crazy about this.

First up, Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick! 

Spaghetti and Meatballs on a stick

I had high hopes for these and they didn't disappoint. Cooked spaghetti noodles were mixed into the meat and formed into meatballs. Then skewered onto a stick and cooked. Not sure if they were fried or not. They were topped with sauce and cheese. We had trouble eating them because they fell off the stick easily and were very messy but they we're so good! We got these at Leadfoot's Bar and Grill for $2.75 (discounted price). 

Afterwards, we headed into the Miller Lite Bar and Grill for a chance to get a brat and we also saw these babies in a display case. BEER DONUTS! I really wanted to try one but didn't want to dig into a donut right away. They had a summer shandy donut with lemon icing, a Miller Lite donut topped with chocolate, and sweet nuts. And a Honey Weiss donut topped with pretzels. Super creative. 

We stopped by the Island Noodles stand for some $5 noodles (regular price $7). They were cooked fresh in a wok and sold in these cute takeout boxes. They were pretty good and gave you a lot for the price. 

We headed into the Wisconsin Products Pavilion next to look for the Honey Producers booth. They sold a variety of honey products including honey candles, soap, candy, food products, etc. We scored a huge cup of Honey Lemonade for $2! Originally $3, so not bad either way. I wish there was a way to buy a whole jug of this stuff. It was so good! I actually like this better than regular lemonade because the honey gives it a natural sweet kick. 

 Lisa and Josh trying out the Wonton Wrapped Mozzarella sticks.

Next up, deep fried sliders at the Budweiser Pavilion!! All of us were excited about these! 
 We paid only $2.50 per slider this day. Awesome! They were served with a nice chipotle-type sauce.
 The pretzel bun made it even more over-the-top and I absolutely loved these things! We each ordered one and they were mini but packed a lot of flavor. I loved them! Best thing we had during the course of this day.

Lakefront Brewery was next where I ordered a FAT ELVIS. This thing is brilliant. A peanut butter cup deep fried in banana batter, sprinkled with bacon bits and chocolate sauce. All of my favorite things on a stick! The first bite of this thing was life-changing. I had to share it with everyone, definitely too dangerous for one to eat by themselves. It was $5, no discount for it sadly. 

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick! Sold at the Machine Shed for $3 or $4, I don't fully remember. They gave me two pieces though, and each piece was fairly large. The first bite, I was impressed. Sweet and Salty. Really good but after the first minute or so, it became too sweet and too salty. Definitely had to share half my piece with Lisa.

At the end of the day we were parched from being in the hot sun and walking around. We headed to the milk shed to buy cups of milk. They had a lot of flavors to choose from, and each cup is only 25 cents! You could buy as many cups as you wanted. We ordered a lot as pictured below. They were served cold and it was so good after all of the sweets we had. I got to sample the Banana flavor, Cherry-Vanilla flavor, Root beer flavor, and classic chocolate milk. Surprisingly the Root beer and Cherry-Vanilla flavor were my favorite! The flavors are really mild, soft, and creamy. The root beer flavor was similar to a root beer float but without the carbonation. The cherry-vanilla reminded me of strawberry milk with a hint of vanilla. For 25 cents, this was the best deal we found all day.  

What was the craziest thing you've tried at your fair this summer? What are your favorite deep fried foods or foods on a stick?

-Happy eating!

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