Chicken Alfredo with Cavatappi Pasta

by - 6:30 AM

Cavatappi is the name for this type of curly, swirly pasta noodle. I just discovered Cavatappi pasta and I don't think I'll go back to any other plain, old pasta shapes anymore. Seriously, just by changing up my pasta in such a simple dish made this Alfredo feel that much more luxurious and fancy. 

The extra chicken from yesterday's dish was used by reheating it and simmering it in the Alfredo sauce while the pasta cooked. Right when the pasta was drained, I mixed in two tablespoons of butter until it was melted and then sprinkled fresh grated Parmesan onto the pasta. Now, we waited until the pasta was plated before sprinkling with grated Mozzarella cheese, spooning the Alfredo sauce on top, and garnishing with dried parsley flakes.  Not quite a healthy dish, but very warming and hearty. :)

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