Labor Day Weekend in The Dells!

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Hi, all! Sorry for the lack of updates. August was an excruciatingly busy month, so we've fallen behind a bit. September is looking like a much more chill month so there's lots of good stuff coming your way, promise!

For Labor Day weekend, just last week, my friends and I planned an epic end-of-the-summer trip as a large group and I am excited to share our trip details. I'm not new to the Dells area, and have been visiting since I was a kid, but there's always something I do on every visit that I've never done before. This time I got to try some really amazing food from two restaurants I will highly recommend (more details later!)

More so, I am just excited that a trip planned with our friends finally came to fruition. After a lot of hiccups in planning and communication as well as several people dropping out, the trip started off as a headache. I'm happy we got to make it happen and hopefully this is the start of planning more great trips together.

We stayed at the Wilderness Resort, in regular hotel rooms all booked next to each other. Our rooms were ground floor, which gave us really easy access in and out of our rooms (and each other's rooms) through our patio doors. It was also nice to walk straight from the patio door to your car in the lot, instead of troubling your way through the hallways. Our first night was spent inside the hotel, hanging out and drinking together.

Then the next day, we headed to the Tommy Bartlett show...

I absolutely loved the show! It's family friendly but also great for every other group. There was something for everybody and I was seriously amazed at the stunts and how well put-together the show was.

I wasn't able to take many photos during the show, completely slipped my mind.
After the show, we enjoyed dinner at MACS and a stroll around downtown.. 

We spontaneously decided to try our skill at paint-balling. Only Chhally was able to win the bonus round!

We posed for a lot of random photos and did a lot of touristy things. ;)

Visited a lot of fudge shoppes and local candy stores! Ahh!

Where we witnessed the candy makers working on a fresh batch of caramel and chocolate turtles.

And I found my favorite! Macarons!

AND THESE beauties! Chocolate covered Twinkies on a stick! Oh, I wanted to buy this so bad, but my self-control took over and wisely decided against it.

We also got to try freshly made cheddar cheese from a local cheese store.

And my favorite little local store, Root Beer Revelry. They had hundreds of different types of root beers, cream sodas, and ginger ales. You could buy boxes or individual bottles to try, and they'll even make you a float with your choice of root beer.

Our last stop of the night was the Goody Gum Drop Candy store, where we stocked up on tons of tooty fruities and I found a friend.

After a long day, we all retired back to the resort for more drinking, natch! We finished off the rest of the 50 or so Jell-O shots I made for this trip. Mango, Fruit Punch, and Blueberry. Mango being the number one pick! There were some drunken shenanigans that I will save you all from reading about.. but read about our experience at MACS, a mac n cheese restaurant!

-Happy Travels!

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